[gregory anton]
[1:57 p.m.] - [2021-10-23]

Tickled pink that this latest relationship of his fell apart. I know it's petty, and I do feel bad for her, but it feels vindicating and validating to know I'm not alone. That his gaslighting is undeniable in light of the trail of broken relationships behind him.

I had questioned if maybe it really was me, especially when it seemed like he had retained friendships with prior ex-girlfriends. However, if his last four relationships all ended in burned bridges and at least two of us have openly cited gaslighting…. I don't know about the latest woman, but she seems bitter about it. Deleted his pictures, removed him from her social media accounts, and has been posting more dog-centric material.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that their ex-girlfriends were crazy. It's not about if they're crazy, but what drove them to crazy.

[never again] - [once more]

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