[give love a chance]
[1:13 p.m.] - [2021-06-22]

It's a cold comfort understanding that no one knows what they're doing. I try to be open to possibilities, and I get wrapped up in one ambiguous, noncommittal situation after another. Feeling stagnant, twisted, and used. I try to set boundaries and either feel like I'm jumping the gun or shooting myself in the foot.

It's not enough. This is not sustainable. This is not what I want. I cannot be a priority in this dynamic. I will only ever bending, and he has practically told me as much. He is only ever bending, but to his career.

We say that the time we spent together wasn't enough to know. However, the fact that this is the *only* time given tells me quite a lot.

[never again] - [once more]

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